Advertise on Social Rouge

Our job at is to find and share the best content on the Internet. Every day we send our visitors to great content from across the web. Products like are nothing without the trust of their users, so we’re applying the same standards to advertising that we are to any content
that appears on Social Rouge.

We’re giving partners that meet those standards the opportunity to speak directly to the userbase.

Promoted Stories

Social Rouge’s most prominent placement. This 403 x 403 spot appears on the front page of the site, and has an identical look and feel as the other hand-selected content, garnering a high CTR. And just like the other content on Social Rouge, this Sponsored Story spot links to a permalink direct URL of the advertiser’s content, along with a title and a short description/call to action, where the advertiser can include up to three links offsite (to their own site, for example).

Custom Background

This unique sponsorship opportunity allows an advertiser to offer a subtly branded custom background skin that’s show behind every content on the site. The site skin is 1600 x 1000 and design possibilities are endless.

Interested in learning more? Email our ad dude and let’s set up a call.